School districts must provide a free appropriate public education for students with disabilities. OneLaw attorneys represent clients in all stages of the special education process, from eligibility to IEP development to school placement. Our services include formal consultation, attendance at Team meetings, representation at the Bureau of Special Education Appeals and in court, and filing complaints with state and federal agencies.

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Whether you need a will, revocable trust, irrevocable trust, testamentary trust, life insurance trust, or supplemental needs trust depends on your particular situation and your goals. At OneLaw, we find out what is important to you and determine the best way to accomplish your goals, whether they be protecting your assets, providing for your minor children after your death, ensuring that your personal property and real estate go to your loved ones, minimizing estate taxes upon your death, or avoiding an expensive probate process.

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Special needs planning involves helping families make proper arrangements for a child or other relative who has a disability. OneLaw works with families to ensure that their estate planning documents provide for the particular needs and circumstances of their loved one with a disability. This may involve creating a special needs trust and advice regarding public benefits.

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From primary and secondary school to higher education, OneLaw represents students in all types of disciplinary hearings. We educate you on the process, comprehensively prepare for the hearing, and fight to get you back on track, including pursuing an appeal if necessary.

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Not every adult has the ability to manage his or her own financial, health, and educational decisions. OneLaw assists clients in seeking a full or limited guardianship to make certain decisions instead. Also, not every child has an available and appropriate parent. OneLaw helps clients seek guardianship of the minor in these circumstances.

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There are various laws that OneLaw can use to fight for the civil rights of clients. Seeking justice for a denial of your rights requires a careful assessment of the facts of your situation and what laws apply in order to seek appropriate redress in court, which could include financial damages.

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Juvenile delinquency proceedings are for children accused of criminal offenses. Child Requiring Assistance (CRA) is a civil matter that involves a status offense, such as truancy or being a habitual school offender. OneLaw ensures zealously advocacy for youth in these proceedings not only because that is their right because we understand how important it is to safeguard their trajectory to a successful life.

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Title IX is a federal law that protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. OneLaw counsels clients who are the subject of Title IX investigations as well as complainants – in middle school, high school, and higher education.

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The thought of a social worker for a state child welfare agency knocking on your door strikes fear in any parent. OneLaw advises families during investigations by the Department of Children and Families, attends home visits, challenges DCF decisions during Fair Hearings and grievances, and protects the rights of caretakers when DCF seeks or has custody of a child.

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OneLaw represents plaintiffs and defendants in Harassment Prevention Order and Restraining Order proceedings, which often involve evidentiary hearings with testimony and material evidence on short notice. We provide the efficient preparation and compassionate advice required to be effective in the courtroom.

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Accused of a crime and find yourself in court?  OneLaw specializes in representing young adults and people with disabilities and mental health challenges in criminal cases because everyone needs a thoughtful, vigorous defense.

We also represent victims in criminal matters to ensure their voice is heard throughout the criminal justice process.

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When a loved one dies, those left behind are often left to not only cope with the loss of a loved one, but also to administer their loved one’s estate. Assets not held in a trust – or held in the decedent’s name alone – must be distributed through the court process called probate. The county where the decedent was domiciled has jurisdiction of the probate administration.

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OneLaw represents buyers and sellers in residential real estate transactions. Make sure that one of life’s most important events is done right and legally sound so you can move safely and securely into the home you’ve been waiting for or move on to the next stage in property ownership.

We also counsel clients regarding their rights and responsibilities related to owning property and advise condominium owners and associations.

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OneLaw represents clients in a range of family law matters, including adoption, guardianship of a child, and uncontested custody cases.

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