Here at OneLaw, we look forward to providing you expert legal representation.

When you contact us, our staff will collect information about your situation to determine how we can help.

An attorney may speak with you briefly at no cost to review our process and the fees associated with your matter.

Legal representation begins after you sign a fee agreement and pay a retainer.

How much we charge depends on your legal matter. Fees may be based on an hourly rate, a flat fee, or a contingency fee basis.

Many of our services are based on an hourly rate and the total cost depends on how much time we spend working on your matter.

A flat fee is a set amount determined in advance for a specific legal service that we provide.

A contingency fee is a percentage of the amount of money recovered or awarded on behalf of a client.

OneLaw requires a retainer or advance payment to secure an agreement for legal representation in addition to a signed fee agreement.

A retainer is an advance payment to secure legal services. The retainer is deposited in a client trust account. Once OneLaw incurs fees for legal services, the retainer pays for those fees. If the retainer is exhausted, we bill for the remainder of your legal fees.

OneLaw may request that you keep a balance on account as an ongoing retainer to apply to the cost of future legal services.

Any retainer balance remaining at the end of legal representation is refunded to you.

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