“My daughter was suffering from depression and other serious ailments. Rather than assist us, the school district took legal action against her, accusing her of fabricating the whole thing to avoid having to go to school, and then suggesting me and her mother were somehow a part of this crazy scheme.

We hired an advocate to advise us, and the first piece of advise she gave us was to call Peter Hahn. My daughter and I met with Mr Hahn, brought him up to speed on our situation, and he took it from there. Our next meeting in court went very different than prior interactions. Because of Peter Hahn’s legal expertise, the high school was falling over backwards to make up for their gross negligence in assisting my daughter through her ailments.

My daughter has since graduated high school, earned an associates degree from Quinsigamond Community College, and currently attends Fitchburg State University.

Thank you, Peter Hahn!”